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Understanding and Implementing Jidoka

Prevent Defects with Jidoka

Defects are a common problem often encountered in manufacturing departments. Many people in the industry have dealt with countless defects in products or machinery. The meaning of Jidoka is “automation with a human touch”; it is Japanese terminology and is a basic idea in lean manufacturing. It means combining human intelligence with machines that stop

Just-in-Time (JIT) Production Explained

Just in time production

A Comprehensive Overview of Just-In-Time Production Factories keep their shelves stocked with the right materials for production without any clutter by implementing a Just-in-Time (JIT) production approach. But what does JIT mean? Well, this strategy is a key principle of lean manufacturing which focuses on minimizing waste and working efficiently by getting raw materials only

The Power of Poka-Yoke: Mistake Proofing Your Processes

Poka Yoke Infographic

The poka-yoke method is a Japanese Lean manufacturing strategy used to avoid errors in a company’s operations. Its translation means “error-proof” or “avoid inadvertent errors.” It was created in 1960 at the Toyota factory in Japan by engineer Shigeo Shingo; it is a process improvement technique that significantly reduces the number of defects produced. (i.e.,

What Are Lean Tools & Techniques? 

Lean tools and techniques

Lean tools and techniques are a collection of methodologies and practices designed to continuously improve an organization’s efficiency and eliminate waste. They form the foundation of Lean management, a philosophy focused on maximizing value for the customer while minimizing everything else. These tools can be applied across various departments and functions, from manufacturing to healthcare